Thanks for stopping by the site! If you haven’t already gathered what this is all about, the basic premise of the blog is to become a source for great music (of various genres) that you hopefully haven’t heard before. It is our hope that you check out our contributors’ album/playlist postings and use them to expand your own music collections. While we may post some mainstream stuff, a lot of the music will be less known – that is, music from the fringe. We are a community dedicated to sharing the treasures we have found and sincerely hope you enjoy our selections.

Meet the bloggers by clicking on the pictures below:

Chris Walker

Brennan McNally



Jack Gilbert

lookin' sharp


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*This blog does not upload or store any copyrighted music. The site provides links to, but is unassociated with, file hosting sites such as Mediafire, Megaupload, and Rapidshare. From the Fringe is intended to be used for music discovery purposes only. Please support the featured artists by purchasing their albums. - From the Fringe © 2010


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