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Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton

I just recently found this gem and I know a few of you classic rock lovers on here will really appreciate this…

In 1963, John Mayall — one of the most influential blues singer/composer/instrumentalist in history — decided to form John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, a talented group that included John Mayall on…more than one instrument, John McVie on bass, and Hughie Flint on drums. What made this group great though was when legendary Eric Clapton decided to leave the Yardbirds for his love of blues, and thus this album: Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton.

“Apart from being one of the most overall influential albums in blues-rock history, it was likely the first time anyone had heard a Gibson Les Paul guitar through an overdriven Marshall amplifier; this unique sound would become particularly influential. The re-introduction of the Les Paul by Gibson was largely fueled by the blues boom that so often featured it. Clapton’s incendiary playing inspired graffiti saying “Clapton is God” on the streets of London around the time of the album’s release.” – wiki 🙂

Not to mention if you like this album, then check out the rest of this band’s discography as well. After Clapton left, Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac joined in, then Mick Taylor of Rolling Stones to name a couple.

Hope you all enjoy this classic. It’s got such songs as “All Your Love”, “Hideaway”, “Another Man”.

aka "The Beano Album"

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