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Cannonball, my man.

The first time I heard Mr. Adderley was on Miles Davis’ seminal Kind of Blue. Being young and naive, I actually thought Cannonball was John Coltrane when I first listened to the record because out of the two sax solos on each track, I felt the one’s played by Cannonball were superior. Coltrane was really young at this period and would later surpass Cannonball in prestige, but the point is, Adderley was DAMN good and was in top form in the late 50’s.

The album I’m sharing on the blog is Cannonball’s Somethin’ Else from 1958. It is, in my opinion, one of the great albums of the cool jazz period. It features guest artists: the Jones bros on piano and bass, Art Blakey on drums (hell ya), and Miles Davis on trumpet (not a bad fellow to have). Somethin Else’ is innovative in its use of minor tonality and muted brooding tones…not gonna lie I stole that from wikipedia. But from personal listens, I think basically what that translates into is that this album is more expansive in its range of emotional expression, musically unleashing the ups and the downs of life’s experiences. The record is a trip -allow yourself to go on it.

– Chris


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