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Body Riddle – Chris Clark


sometimes known as Aphex Twin's next disciple

Probably one of the greatest influences for my music recently has to be Chris Clark of Warp Records. With about 6 LP’s released, his sound grows tremendously with each release and has become one of the driving forces for this new style of IDM. I’ve listened to almost every single one of his albums and have been blown away each time by his meticulous sound design and production value, two things that are generally unappreciated but — when done right — can create soundscapes of epic proportions.

In his 2nd to recent album, Body Riddle, Chris Clark employs the use of his own homemade samples and an MPC to generate his complicated beats. As much as it is to say that Flying Lotus‘ beats are just as crazy, Clark’s style is just that much different. He started off producing in his dorm, but his style stays very archaic using his own samples, tape machines, and an old computer to work it all out (Squarepusher-esque ain’t it?). He loves to dabble with samples, usually taking a 1-2 second clip and mangling it until he doesn’t even recognize it anymore. In an interview, he mentions that he’ll dabble with a sample he can’t even remember how he got there in the first place…but it still sounds good!

Body Riddle (he shortened his name to Clark since this album)

Take songs like “Night Knuckles” or “The Autumnal Crash” for example…the sheer audio soundscape that he creates as you put your headphones on to these two songs just take you for a ride on its own. In songs like “Ted”, the nice jingling melody over a jazz-infused percussive rhythm — not to mention listen to that kick THUMP in contrast to the melodies!

As a quick taste for his style…I’ve included an awesome music video of one of his songs, “Ted”, below. Please try and use headphones (and don’t skip ahead of the song, you impatient fucks ;))!!

Hoping to give you guy another great album this week. Here is Body Riddle. Enjoy.

Chris Clark MYSPACE

Download Body Riddle

His newest album, Totem’s Flare, is tripper if not MORE than this album and I highly suggest it to anyone into this kind of music, but please let me know what you guys think of this album so I can upload more to your guys’ liking in the future!


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