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Deltron 3030 – s/t

Maybe it has something to do with February being black history month or maybe it’s just a coincidence, but recently I’ve been listening to a LOT of rap. Which I have newly discovered, thanks to Chris and The Roots, has the potential to be very very cool.  My musical journey has brought to my attention an important album that has endeared both critics and myself, an epic sci-fi hip hop space opera called Deltron 3030.

Deltron consists of three very influential figures in the music industry: Dan the Automater, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, and DJ Kid Koala.  These names should be familiar to anyone who has been following music in the last ten years.  Why? These three men were the head honcho’s on Damon Albarn’s legendary Gorillaz project.  Any fan of the Gorillaz which, *ahem*, should be all of you reading, owes it to himself to check out what is the spiritual predecessor to one of the greatest pop albums of all time.  In fact, Damon Albarn, who collaborates on the track “Time Keeps On Slipping”, as well as bookending the album, has said in various interviews that his work on the track is what led him to create Gorillaz.

Sonically the album is pretty expansive and sounds exactly the way you would imagine the year 3030.  Cowboy Bebop and Blade Runner would be at home in the world of Deltron, and fortunately for us, we’re invited too.  The album isn’t exactly diverse, but it manages to hold even a casual listener’s attention.  The beats are fresh, the production is grungy, and the lyrics range from silly science fiction fantasies to serious political commentary.  In all honesty, Del could probably rap about anything and make it interesting.  One for the Iron Man in all of us.

– Jack


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