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Flying Lotus – Los Angeles

If you haven’t heard of this man, then perhaps you’ve watched Adult Swim on Cartoon Network– ever listen to the weird background music when they flash bad punny jokes on the screen? That’s probably Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus — née Steven Ellison — is the grandnephew of Alice Coltrane: a convenient and eye-catching association that will follow Ellison’s career each step of the way. In fact, it was Coltrane’s gentle nudging that pushed Ellison’s career ambitions from filmmaking into musicmaking. Flylo’s been producing music for nearly a decade, but lend your ears to his defining sound and character: Los Angeles. Although this album has only been released since 2008, it’s been getting nationwide recognition for its spacey, floaty, and yet hiphoppy textures. His mastery over an organic beat rather than a typical 4 on the floor dance track is just something to really appreciate about this album as well.

It’s really hard to explain this entire concept album into words but it’s something you definitely have to listen to in one go and not skip around tracks. Throw on some headphones, close your eyes, maybe take a toke, and just get lost in the ebb and flow of this hazey new atmosphere that Flylo’s pioneered in the electronic music world…a genre that I dub “spacehop”.

Here’s a youtube for a quick taste of his sound…notice how full yet minimalist his sound is..

Download Los Angeles Album Here

Flying Lotus Website :: Myspace

Please support him and buy his next album on 4/20 (haaaa) May 4, 2010 : Cosmogramma…it even has Thom Yorke on one of the tracks, now you HAVE to buy it!


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