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Local Natives…redundant

I may be biased in this review, ’cause lately, nothing gets my goat like some good multiple vocalist harmonization.  I heard this Silver Lake, CA band first as an opener to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in Seattle, and quickly bought the homemade ep’s they were selling.  That short 5 song album instantly gave me the feeling that I was listening to a seasoned band.  They have an odd combination of sounds, but it all seems natural.  They have a great start, and I can’t wait to see them mature.

Live, they were amazing.  They had the entire room in an skinny-jean frenzy for their entire set.  Although I love Edward Sharpe, there were still moments during their set where I felt a bit bored.  Not so for Local Natives, I was captivated the entire time.  They have one of the best live sounds of any Indie band I’ve seen in a while.  The best part was that I had no idea who they were, and had zero expectations.  How could they not be a great indie band, look at this awesome indie pose! (And how about that indie mustache, I’m talking to you number 4!)

Local Natives

About a month after this show they happened to release their first full length album, Gorilla Manor.  This album is very high energy.  This is a good thing, and a bad thing.  Good thing because an energy like this is hard to come by, but bad because it makes it hard to get through the entire album in one go.  But really, this is only a minor issue, because songs like Sun Hands (you had me at a cappella breakdown) and Airplanes, I could listen to over and over.  They even do a Talking Heads cover, and its badass to boot.  It won’t be marked down as an album of the year, but so what.  Peppy drums, awesome harmonies, good energy, tight jeans and a mustache.   Check it out.


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