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As my first post to this Blog, and as the first post from a girl, I figured it would be appropriate to post a female artist. Girl Power. (p.s. I’m not a feminist) So therefore I introduce you to, or reacquaint you with, Regina Spektor. She is not incredibly unknown, but not always seen in the public eye. This unique singer/songwriter grew up in Moscow and eventually made her way to America’s east coast. Her striking features combined with her pure and endearing voice make her incredibly charming. (I read she once worked on a butterfly farm…adorable right?) From what I know she speaks, Russian, Hebrew and some Latin and often times incorporates these languages into her music. It is hard to classify her music in one genre, but some of the styles she incorporates in her songs are Alternative, Folk, Jazz, Russian, Jewish, and Classical. Occasionally she alludes to literary works or figures like Fitzgerald (“Poor little Rich boy”) or Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. (You can thank Wikipedia and my geeky English major side for that) Her piano playing is always innovative, sometimes sounding like the simple tune of a music box (like in her song “music box”) or even a sort of Russian Dance song (Like 2 minutes into her song “The Flowers”) Besides her outstanding piano skills, the true unique and engaging element of her music is the inventive and broad use of her voice. From beat-boxing to the buzzing of her lips, she utilizes all sorts of unorthodox vocal techniques to add the subtle nuances that make her songs so great. While all her albums are great, her three latest albums, “Soviet Kitsch” (2004) “Begin to Hope” (2006) and “Far” (2009) are my personal favorites. I posted the album Soviet Kitsch. I recommend the songs “Ode to Divorce”, “Us” and “Chemo Limo”.  Enjoy.



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