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If you have ever heard of Manteca California, you would probably know it used to be the home of the glorious “Manteca Waterslides.” However, another equally remarkable thing has come forth from this quaint farm town located in the central valley. His name; Travis Vick. So moving beyond this incredibly lame and cheesy introduction, the artist I introduce to you is simple in style, yet exceptional in talent.  (I went to high school in ol’ teca town with Travis. I know…HBB *holler big baller*) He uses an array of instruments in his music including, Piano, Guitar, Accordion, Banjo, Bass, Mandolin, Harmonica, Ukulele, Trombone, Clarinet and Drums. (My personal favorite being the banjo. I love that “twangy” sound and ever since I found out that Steve Martin could play, I have grown a certain fondness for the instrument. I just love Steve.)  On his myspace music page he classifies his sound as “melodic folk rock.” His melodies are intriguing and voice is soothing. His falsetto is beautiful and delicate  (“October 31st”) while the notes he hits in the lower register are rich and pure (“Box”). It is powerful while still remains an endearing quirkiness. Also, being a big fan of harmonies, the parts he interleaves in his songs are perfectly blended, smooth and warm. Some of the harmonies are a layering of his own voice or other singers, including his sister. I just love this artist and I would try to relate his sound to other artists in order to give you a feel for his sound, but due to my lack of musical knowledge…and laziness, I will let you see for yourself. I recommend the songs “The Hedges” and “Seamus Fruitfridge” from his EP, “Player Piano” and the songs “Box” and “Bees Don’t Bite” from his music myspace. You should give him a good listen, a real good listen.




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