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Dub Side of the Moon

I’m usually not that fond of covers, especially if they’re of classic rock bands like Pink Floyd. But Easy Star All Star’s reggae reworking of the Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” is on the money (pardon the pun). Appropriately titled “Dub Side of the Moon” the album actually does a great job at transitioning rock to reggae while still incorporating the vibes and intricacies of the original. It’s got that chill factor but still breaks out when it needs to, providing perfect background material (I have, in fact played the album at many a kickback). My favorite covers are “Time” and “Us and Them.” The All Stars have even ensured you can sync the album with the Wizard of Oz just like the original if you really feel like tripping out. Of course, there are a few changes…such as replacing the cash register sounds at the start of “money” with bong rips. Hah. Enjoy my friends.



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